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Have you ever thought of giving gambling a try, but local laws forbid you from doing so? Wanna feel how it feels to be a winner?

Well, in this case, we have good news for you. You can still enjoy the thrill of gambling straight from the comfort of your chair. There’s no need for classic gambling; there are more convenient ways to do so and with the luxury of live gambling remaining intact.
You can find all the information needed to get started on your gambling adventure right here, and PayPal is going to act as the gateway for that.

Why Is PayPal The Best Choice For A Gambler?

PayPal is widely regarded as one of the most popular payment methods in the world, and for a good reason. It allows for secure transfers, reliability and, above all, convenience.
It’s only natural that gambling sites based on this system appear on a regular basis.

PayPal was first established in 1998; it has since become one of the most popular payment systems that sees use online in the entire world. It’s hard to argue the convenience: all you need is an email, a bank account or a credit card, and you’re set to send and receive payments whenever you please. In short, it’s possible to say that PP acts as a protective layer between you and your money.

Enjoy blackjack, poker and every other game to feed the urge.

  • Placing Online Casino PayPal Deposit Is Easy. Select a payment method, and then follow prompts that appear on the screen. The entire process is very easy to follow.
  • Withdrawing Funds. It’s easy to payout with this payment method. The entire process is virtually identical to placing a deposit. On the withdrawal page, simply choose the withdrawal method.

Why Would You Use This Payment System?

First and foremost, it’s secure, especially in comparison with other payment methods.

Every payment (incoming and outgoing) goes through immediately.

Your payment details are safe. All that’s known about you are your email address and your name.

Given its many advantages, PP is still not as widely accepted as it should. Some websites haven’t adopted this payment system yet.

The only mild inconveniences this service might offer is that people are actually asked to register and go through the trouble of connecting a bank account and/or credit card, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that time consuming or challenging.

Also, there’s a detail that’s quite important to international gamblers – online casino PayPal functionality is limited in a number of countries.

PP also gives out statements, so you’ll always know where and when your money went. Important for control and gambling responsibility.

Also notable is the inclusion of fees. Not every transaction is without fees, so keep that in mind.

Search For The Right Casino

Finding an online casino in Canada that accepts PayPal isn’t a difficult thing to do by itself, but there are many factors to consider: number of games and benefits, just to name a couple.

It’s vital to note that most of these websites offer some kind of bonus. They can free slots spins, bonuses on deposits and other perks. Consult with the casino’s rule set before committing, since not every casino offers the same benefits, and some may be better suited for you.

PayPal casino mobile or mobile-friendly functionality – Android and iOS support for iPhone and iPad – is also great for allowing players to partake in their favorite activity whenever they’re on the move.

The List of Top Casinos That Accept PayPal:

  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming
  • Mr. Green
  • BGO
  • William Hill
  • Netbet

The inclusion of PayPal in an online casino is a sign of imposed security features and safety since casinos are required to be licensed if they want to benefit from having it as an option. Being a trusted license holder will only help casinos in the long run.

As previously discussed not every website has the license and functionality to support PayPal. Nonetheless, there is still a presentable number of casinos to choose from.

Dive in!